The Faculty of Islamic Studies (FKI) was established in June 1994. Starting with a diploma program, the Diploma in Islamic Management and Administration, it now continues to move forward by adding five more programs, namely the Diploma in Islamic Studies with Human Resource Development, Diploma in Islamic Finance, Diploma of Usuluddin, Diploma of Syariah Islamiyyah and Diploma of Tahfiz Al-Quran Wal Qiraat.

The establishment of this new program is in line with the mission of the faculty to produce visionary students equipped with knowledge in worldly and ukhrawi affairs. The faculty has also succeeded in producing graduates who are skilled in Islamic management and administration as well as human resource development and are able to compete for a place in a career either with the government or the private sector as well as get a place in local and foreign universities for higher learning.

Students of the Faculty of Islamic Studies are often exposed to various programs either on campus or off campus to enhance their soft skills to ensure they’ll be able to cope with this ever-challenging reality. The faculty has also successfully obtained National Accreditation Board (MQA) Certification for all programs offered.

* Requirements and admission fees are subjected to amendments
* Obtained National Accreditation Board Certification

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