Dean's Foreword

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              Assalamualaikum Wbt


              Welcome to the Faculty of Social Sciences (FSS). We are committed to being a center of

              excellence in the social sciences and fulfilling our role as one of the premier teaching

              units within the university. Since its inception in 2011, FSS is now renowned as a center

              for studying all aspects of the social sciences such as psychology, media and communication,

              counseling and history.


              We have experienced academics and have a good reputation in their respective fields. This is

              important to hone and develop the potential of students to succeed in their future careers. The

              existing programs not only provide theoretical knowledge but also place a strong emphasis on

              the exposure of practical training in accordance with the industrial environment to prepare

              students to be competent, effective and ethical.


              At FSS, we set high standards for our students. They represent our commitment to succeed in

               today’s and tomorrow’s competitive environment. Come join us to pursue practical and

              satisfying academic teaching. With your hard work and our educational program, your dreams

              will come true.






               Dr. Suhaya Binti Deraman


               Faculty of Social Sciences

               Malacca Islamic University College



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